I oughta be in pictures..

..but lately, I’m not. The alternate title for this post, “my mom sucks!” because she’s been so busy and we’ve all been overwhelmed with our new house, and nobody has been taking any pictures of me!

They have however made some short little movies and those are now available on my Flickr page, just click this picture of me, or the ones to the right and you can see me in action.

I should mention that it has been REALLY HOT here for a really long time, so I haven’t been doing much to take pictures of. I’ve just been staying inside, trying to stay cool! Hope you’re all keeping cool too!!

One Response to “I oughta be in pictures..”

  1. leslie Says:

    Hi sweetie Kylie… missed seeing you lately… hope thats not a bad thing your chewing on in your picture! You be careful! Don’t go and get sick again!