At the movies..

It’s time again for my drive-in movie reviews – and this week was great! I don’t even know what movies were playing, but from what I heard they were all terrible so maybe that’s a good thing. The great part was we went to Sonic, a different kind of drive-in (an arguably even better kind of drive-in) before the movies. This means my movie snacks consisted of popcorn chicken, which gets four stars from me! (you didn’t expect me to use a thumbs up / thumbs down rating system did you?) Then half way thru the second movie I got small samples from everybody else’s movie snacks which included popcorn, a soft pretzel, and even a little burrito – an excellent triple feature! It was also exciting because I spotted my first drive-in cat of the season. It was a black one, like a ninja cat, sneaking around plotting to scavenge my movie snacks I suspect. I gave him a good growling at and he scurried away in fear.

My aunt Suky decided to come along with us this week, and while I love her very much that made the back of the CRV very cramped – which really cramped my style because by the time the opening credits for the third movie begin, it’s time for me to stretch out for a movie nap. But it was so crowded I had to try to find a spot to just curl up. She’s also really loud and they just kept laughing and carrying on like it was some kind of mobile slumber party. How am I supposed to snooze thru that? But it was very chilly so the extra body heat wasn’t such a bad thing. Overall it was a crazy, crowded, but tasty trip to the drive-in! Tune in next time…


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