Baby Kylie, Junior

One of my most loyal fans is my littlest fan, who also happens to be family. Shelby is, I think, my third cousin. I’ve never met her because she lives far away but she’s been adoring me from afar for quite awhile now.

She used to have a stuffed animal puppy she named Baby Kylie that she took with her everywhere; even on vacation where they took photos of Baby Kylie at scenic tourist loacations.

Well for Christmas, Santa brought Shelby a puppy!..


Guess what she named her?…


Meet Baby Kylie!

Shelby & Baby Kylie are inseparable. She is already campaigning to get a cookie bar set up for Baby Kylie, but apparently Baby Kylie would prefer a “chip bar” because if somebody quietly opens a bag of chips on the other side of the house, Baby comes sailing into the room like a maniac! Clearly that sort of thing runs in the family!

3 Responses to “Baby Kylie, Junior”

  1. leslie Says:

    What a great story!!! Shelby looks like a very sweet little girl! And baby Kylie is also adorable!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Kylie thinks shes a German Shepherd.
    Don’t let her know shes just a little peanut….
    Shelby thinks shes 25 so I guess they will do great together.
    Much Love….Cuz

  3. shelby Says:

    My dog is crazy and is your greatest fan.