Poor me

My family has been laid up, they’re all sick & injured. So nobody pays any attention to me, I’ve been bored and neglected..


plus nobody ever feeds me.

(what?? you don’t believe me?)

2 Responses to “Poor me”

  1. jill Says:

    OMG! My poor Kylie! Why don’t you watch a few dvd’s until your humans get better. Perhaps some Wallace and Gromit, like “The Wrong Trousers,” or some of the Wishbone series. Afterall, you do look like Wishbone! If you need me to direct you over the email on how to pop microwave popcorn to go with your movies, just let my know Kylie my sweetie girl.

  2. leslie Says:

    Kylie… you should listen to Jill… she has wonderful ideas for you to overcome your neglect… also… you can always come and stay with me and my three poodles until your people get better and can adore you again!