Often imitated..


They finally found the ultimate way to replicate me.. a life-sized sculpture!


It’s like looking in a mirror! It was created by local sculpt0r DD LaRue.

Weird, huh? Well I hope now they’re finally done trying to copy me!

2 Responses to “Often imitated..”

  1. Rebecca Leonard Says:

    Hey ladies…

    This is great! It was really good to have you over to meet Kylie, pick up the scupture and learn about your creative pursuits.

    May you continue to manifest your imaginations…


  2. Mindawg Says:

    Hey Bitch! That must be seriously SCAREY having a sculpture of yourself. Does it freak you out when you come around the corner and see yourself? Does it stink like you? Don’t tell my mom about this thing…cuz you know why!