The Honest Kitchen

A while back I told you all about my yummy dinner by The Honest Kitchen, well recently I got a very niceĀ email from the folks at The Honest Kitchen telling me how much they like my blog and thanking me for saying nice things about them and they offered to send me some free food!

I of course, graciously accepted! Then today, coincidentally during the eternal ten minutes that I have to wait for my dinner to be ready, I got a very special delivery!!



I was expecting just a sample or two, but instead they sent me a whole bucket of “Force” my favorite food, plus cookies!! I didn’t even know they made cookies!! yummmy!

How awesome is that? Then they also made me one of their friends on their MySpace page Thanks, friends at the Honest Kitchen – you’re the best!

ps: This in no way means that my personal endorsement is available for a price. I just call ’em like I taste ’em! But if you or anyone you know would also like to send me free food, I’m not likely to turn it down.

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