Stained Glass Kylie

I’ve been immortalized yet again! This time by a new friend who worries about me if I don’t post a new entry in my diary every few days. Leslie is a very talented artist in Santa Fe, she creates stained glass designs.


How cool is that?! She created my image based on this Pop Art of me with Pink on the brain.. comic.jpg




Pretty good likeness, huh?  glass2.jpg


We really love it! Thank you so much Leslie!

You can see more of the Kylie art we’ve got around the house on my mom’s Pop Art Pet blog. She says they could open a Kylie museum.


You can also see more of Leslie’s
amazing artwork on the web too,
check it out.

2 Responses to “Stained Glass Kylie”

  1. leslie Says:

    Hi..Thanks for the web mention! One thing I noticed… I had little white dots painted for Kylies eye reflections and I also painted her little bottom teeth… and as they don’t show up on your post I am afraid the paint must have flaked off!!! If so maybe someday if I have the chance I can correct it…

    Thanks again guys!!!

  2. Kylie Says:

    Leslie, the dots are in the eyes and my teeth are painted on (that’s my favorite part). I think it just doesn’t show in these pictures because there was so much sunlight shining thru the window when mom took the pictures. It looks great!
    Thanks again,