Kylie’s Drive In Movie Reviews

Last summer we discovered a fun form of family entertainment – the Drive In! You get two or three movies, and more importantly movie snacks! There are also crazy cats running around all the time. It’s great! And now that the drive in has re-opened for the season I’ve decided to share my experience and expert opinions in my diary by providing Drive In Reviews!

This, our first week at the drive in this year, we saw three movies. First was Fun with Dick and Jane, and I got two little cookies and a few licks on mom’s strawberry flavored flash pop, which basically a light-up lollipop, very tasty. They said the movie was pretty funny but I don’t approve of them using a bark collar on Spot. Towards the end of the movie I got a little bit of root beer, my favorite. The next movie was Date Movie I think, and nobody really wanted to see this one so we goofed off and mom went to the sanck bar which was great because then I got two bites of a corn dog and a little taste of nachos, followed by a nice nap. The last movie was Underwold 2, but by then it was so cold that I stayed under the blanket, and I apparently didn’t miss anything good, except some m&m’s which I’m not allowed to have anyway.

So in spite of the fact that it was freezing, and even rained half the time so the cats did not make an appearance, and from what I heard the movies really sucked, we all had a good time and I’m glad the drive in is back! Stay tuned for more drive in movie reviews!

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