Win some, lose some.

angry I’ve had a bit of a rough week. I got in a little scuffle with my friend, Dragen, over a Bully Stick and got a little bump on the nose. For what it’s worth, I won, he backed down first. Of course our mom’s were getting in the way. Then I got put in the penalty box and I got no more treats all day, but hey, it was a Bully Stick, I had to do what I had to do. The only reason I was even at Paw Prints that day was to pick up sickmy cool new “Doggles,” and they didn’t even come in! I’m still waiting! And I have to go to the doctor on Saturday!
On the bright side there has been good news on the Ball issue. They patched together my last ball using parts from the previous ball so it will last a little longer. And in the meantime, some of those nice folks from Jack Russells On-Line, Dixie & Rocket and their family in Maryland, found my ball in a local store! Well it’s almost exactly like my ball. It’s my ball with the face and ears of a sheep sewn on, which is a little odd, but so far so good.

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