Autumn in New England

Beautiful Lake GeorgeFoliage, funny accents, and fresh lobster - these are the things that make Fall fabulous in the Northeast. [Actually, I have no interest in lobsters whatsoever. My family says its not nice to eat something that mates for life, and I say who wants to eat a big ocean-dwelling insect. I mean have you ever really looked at a lobster? -yuck! I was just trying to paint a picture for you, I also combined popular imagery with a play on words. When most people think of New England, they think of Maine, and when they think of Maine they think of lobsters, so it was really just a literary tool. The opressed canineIf you were a writer you would understand. ] Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, New England in Autumn, my most recent escapade.

I began in upstate New York, the Lake George area to be specific. It was a rainy day, but the colors were beautiful nonetheless. I stopped in at Fort William Henry for a historic visit. I have since been in touch with my people in Hollywood to discuss a sequel to Last of the Mohicans called Last of the Kyliecans, about the struggle of the colonial canine to gain his freedom.

From there I traversed the green, mountainous lands of Vermont, which were actually green, and yellow, and orange, and red. It was lovely. We made a stop in Montpelier, the quaint little capital. You may not know this, but there are lots ofGrrr... cows in Vermont. I mean LOTS of cows! Personally, I am not buying into that whole docile farm animal charade they are putting on. I sense a plot on their part to lull us all into complacency, softening us up with milk and cheese, and butter and ice cream, yummmm. until they can gradually take over. And since there were so many of those black and white conspirators in the meadows along the windy roads we traveled, I really had to stay on my toes. I barked my head off at each and every one of them. No matter how much my family begged for peace and quiet, I knew it was my duty to protect them.

Dog ChurchThe next day we visited perhaps the greatest place on earth, Dog Mountain. Artist, Stephen Huneck, of Woodstock, Vermont has built a beautiful monument for man's best friend on his own piece of this beautiful mountainside. Alongside his art gallery which features his work that is dedicated almost entirely to dogs and cats, is the Dog Chapel. A beautifully designed church, complete with steeple and stained-glass windows, which serves all creatures great and small, human and animal, and as it is clearly marked on the sign outside, welcomes all creeds and all breeds. It is an absolute masterpiece, and Stephen Huneck is to be commended among humans for recognizing the value of dog's contribution to man's otherwise bleak and meaningless existence. Please visit his web site to learn about him and what inspired this project . For my family and I it was truly a religious experience.

In a long day of driving we also crossed New Hampshire. We didn't make many stops in New Hampshire, not that I have anything at all against New Hampshire it was very scenic. And not that I think the other states in New England are better or more deserving of my attention than New Hampshire. I think we just wanted to get where we were going and at some point you've taken about all the pictures of leaves that you can. Maine! So we just kept movin' right along.

Mainly, during this fall festival of foliage, I enjoyed the spectacular sights of Maine. Maine was breathtaking, don't let anybody convince you that dogs are color-blind because this dog saw all the colors that mother nature has to offer in her autumn pallet. Cadillac Mtn.It was just like I imagined it would be, it was like a postcard. We visited Acadia National Park on the shore and traveled to the peak of Mount Cadillac, the highest point on the eastern seaboard. What a view! Nevermind that with the wind blowing that morning it must have been all of 2 degrees up there. Fortunately I'm always willing to brave the elements for the sake of sightseeing, also for food but that's a separate issue. Near the park is beautiful Bar Harbor, or as the locals call it Baah Haahbuh. A lovely seaside town where a jack russell could really get comfortable, especially at Jack Russell's Brew Pub, my kind of place.

The PubAfter one for the road at Jack Russell's it was time for the long journey home (don't worry, I had a designated driver). During which I slept much of the time, when I felt the risk of potential cow invasion was low. If you ever get a chance to visit New England in the autumn, I highly recommend it, it's what all of us well bred, sophisticated types do.

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