Kylie's People

Well you clicked on the link to find out about Kylie's human family, why? We are merely her Majesty's servants. Well we actually do have jobs, hobbies and things of that nature, much to Kylie's dismay. I suppose her family is a pretty wide range of people, people still in Hawaii, those people she lives with and the endless numbers that come over to visit her on a very regular basis (there are quite a few). As you can tell by the her web site, we are all a very strange group. I am not going to bore you with all kinds of personal details, so rather than that I'm going to provide a link to "Eclecticity" which belongs to the people she lives with. A creative site that shows what Kylie has to put up with. She actually has to share her quality time with a bunch of chairs, tables and paints! Sheesh...well we do need to make money to support the brat! Hope you enjoy it.

Go Eclectic! (way over due for an update)
Pop Art Pet
G-Views One Psychotics View on Life & its Daily Trials