7 Days ’til Christmas..

That’s a long time to wait for Santa, and I’m already pretty tired..

But I’ll hang in there. My mom keeps telling me that I already got my big christmas present back in May – the backyard. But I’m pretty sure Santa will remember to bring me some treats anyway!

And in case you haven’t noticed, we don’t do anything “normal” around here. That’s why we have a shiny green tree and a shiny pink tree.

Actually that little pink one is specifically for me, BUT even on the bigger bright green one, most of the ornaments have pictures of Me! (a Hallmark photo ornament for each year) So really they’re both Kylie trees!

One Response to “7 Days ’til Christmas..”

  1. leslie Says:

    Hi Kylie… I read the book “Marlie and Me” during the summer and it was such a good book. I finished it at my work and started crying at my desk! I am hoping the movie is as good as the book. Maybe your mom will take you to see it this summer at the drive-in if its still showing! Or better yet… tell your mom to get the book and read it out loud to you!