Catching Up With Kylie

Kylie’s mom here.. taking full responsibility for the lack of Kylie chronicles of late. So let the excuses begin, we’ve been really busy, blah, blah, blah. But the bottom line is there’s never a dull moment in a life with Kylie so here’s some of what you missed..

On Halloween Kylie was Tricked! (into wearing TWO costumes)

the lobster

and Zero (from Nightmare Before Christmas)

Clearly she wasn’t very happy about either, but I assure you she also got Treats!

Then in November Kylie pretty much just took it easy – and you know Kylie is a pro at R&R.

Do you think you’ve ever been that comfortable in your life? It was like a pre-winter hibernation period for her to save up for her energy for one of her favorite things… SNOW!

Around here, fall usually turns into winter very quickly, but this year we had to wait a long time for the first snow. Then finally this weekKylie got her first snow in her own backyard and she is LOVING it!

So now you know what Kylie has been doing. Hope you all are enjoying your holidays so far!

One Response to “Catching Up With Kylie”

  1. leslie Says:

    Love the Zero costume! One of my favorite movies… Kylie… have your mom send me your new mail address so I can send you your Christmas card!!!