What’s new?

We’ve been pretty busy around here lately. We’ve been fixing up the house, planting flowers in the yard, and things like that. Of course, I’m a big help!

Also Auntie Lisa came for a nice long visit so we did a little bit of exploring around the city.

I don’t know who that odd-looking fellow is behind us (you can click to see us larger), but we had a pretty awesome brunch!

I love pancackes!

3 Responses to “What’s new?”

  1. leslie Says:

    pancakes… mmmmm… (homer simpson donut sound)

  2. Hannah Says:

    hi Kylie those pancakes are big

  3. leslie Says:

    Hi Kylie.. how is my little friend doing? Is your mom still feeding you pancakes? Are you still having fun in your new backyard? Have you made friends with your neighbors? Post a new one little buddy… miss seeing your face!