Since tomorrow is my birthday I thought it was a good time to FINALLY report how my DNA re-test went..
If you’ll recall my test results came back indicating that I was primarily Shih Tzu!! With trace amounts of: Australian Shepherd, Dachshund, Kerry Blue Terrier, and NEWFOUNDLAND! Huh?! I don’t know WHAT that dog would look like, but I’m not it! So we talked to the head science guy and told him we demand a recount and we got one and we got much more plausible results (see below).

What? You can’t read that?

Well allow me to translate.. It says that I am primarily a Parson Russell Terrier. No surprise there! The Newfoundland came back as a false positive (head science guy says they are working on that issue). No surprise there. But the Shih Tzu stayed along with a little Silky Terrier. Ok, that’s a surprise! But the Australian Shepherd stayed too and I guess that’s ok, afterall “Kylie” is an Australian name – it means boomerang!!

So in the end, it turns out I’m a mostly Jack Russell mixed terrier… which is pretty much what we knew before the test! But the bottom line is, I’m one of a kind!

And I’ll be 15 tomorrow!!

** editors note, what the chart actually says is that there is a strong match to “Hedge” breed and that combined with the Kerry Blue and Parson Russell makes a likely match to the Jack Russell Pet population.  You have to remember that Kylie came along a LONG time before the AKC recognized the breed and changed the name from Jack Russell to Parson Russell.  So with a little human intervention and a more deep analysis, a print out said that if the computer HAD to pick a single breed for Kylie it would be Parson Russell.   So what we suspected all along was the case and we got confirmation about a few more breeds that were combined to make the wonder that is Kylie.   It’s all very fascinating and we were even invited to submit for a new analysis in the future, after they have added more genetic samples from the JRT pet population and possibly some dogs from Hawaii that might make Kylie’s results even more clear.  **

5 Responses to “B-Day DNA”

  1. leslie Says:

    Kylie… you may find a long lost sister or brother? “the wonder that is Kylie”… that was so well put!!! You are a wonder!!!

  2. leslie Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Kylie!!! I want to see pictures of what your people gave you…

  3. jill Says:

    OMG! I missed your Birthday Kylie, I’m so sorry! Well, Happy Belated Birthday to my Sweet girl! Big kisses and hugs to you! I think it’s great that you are mostly a Parson Russell, which was the breed of my very first dog, and even some Aussie like Tess and Gracie! I knew that there was a reason that I’m drawn to you!!!

  4. lisa Says:

    of course you are a jrt! anyone could tell that just by looking at you sweet face and you silly pictures! i am glad you now have the dna test to proove your liniage! happy birthday to you, too! hope you are enjoying your new digs!

  5. leslie Says:

    Hi Kylie.. long time no hear from you! Have you chased any squirrels in your new yard? Are you getting used to your new house? Tell Glenda to post… and you post something also!!!