Kylie Can Count

Hello, this is a message from Kylie’s mom and blog editor. I just want to apologize for not keeping you all current on Kylie’s comings and goings, things have just been pretty hectic here. But I wanted to share a story about Kylie to keep you entertained.

I cook chicken to add to Kylie’s healthy dog food, I usually cook enough for three or four days at a time and I add 8 pieces to each meal. The size of the pieces vary, some are really small, none are terribly big – so it’s not like she gets the exact same quantity of chicken each time but there are always 8 chunks. Well, the other night I was making her dinner and I noticed I was low on chicken and I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook more that night. I counted and there were 14 or 15 pieces left, so instead of 8 I gave her 7 pieces of chicken.

Normally after she eats Kylie comes to see what the rest of us are having for dinner to see if she can score a little more, then she often takes what we call her evening “dirt bath”, where she rolls around and thrashes on the floor for a few minutes, then she usually settles in for a long, after dinner nap. That night however, Kylie remained very alert, and attentive, and whiny. She would just stare at me and cry a little bit, and anytime I stood up she got excited and tried luring me to the kitchen – the kind of behavior we get when dinner is late for some reason. I kept trying to convince her that she had already had dinner, but it didn’t help. After this went on for hours I started to wonder if this was due to the chicken shortage; so I went to the fridge and took one of the larger of the 7 or 8 pieces that remained for breakfast the next day and tore it in half. I gave it to Kylie and said, “fine, here you go.”

Five minutes later, Kylie was asleep!

I was amazed! But then, even though she’s almost 15, Kylie amazes me almost every day. And for breakfast the next day of course I had to break up another piece of the chicken to make sure there were exactly 8 pieces. I didn’t want to go through that again!

Again, sorry I have been slow with the Kylie news lately, I’ll try to get back on track. In the meantime I did upload some new pictures of her romping in her snow suit that I hope you’ll enjoy.

2 Responses to “Kylie Can Count”

  1. leslie Says:

    to Kylies mom… yes… she is a very carismatic little dog… almost magical… and it doesn’t surprise me a bit that she can count!

  2. leslie Says:

    Hi Kylie… its APRIL… Kylie Month! I get to look at your laughing face all month long!!!