Gator Bait!

Yes, I know I haven’t updated you recently on my comings & goings, but really there haven’t been any (plus my mom’s been slacking instead of posting things in my diary). But this week my auntie Kelly is visiting so we’re going sight-seeing.

So naturally we went to a Gator Farm! Don’t ask me why they have a gator farm in Colorado.. but they do.

They kept calling me “Gator Bait” – ha, ha, very funny! But I’m not sure this is funny..


But I wasn’t scared!

There was also this really funny-looking dog there.


Whoa there, big fella..


Good thing there’s a fence there or I’d have to mess you up!

One Response to “Gator Bait!”

  1. leslie Says:

    Glad you guys had a good time! That tortise makes Apple look like a mini-me! Hey… its HOT in Denver!