Voo Doo that I do

Check this out!


Now they’ve gone too far, they’ve got a voo doo doll of me!!

Actually it’s a custom needle-felted likeness of me made by Amelia of “Amelia Makes Art” (and I guess that’s ok as long as nobody puts needles in it)!


I must say the resemblance is almost spooky. By the way, if you like it you can have one of your dog, just visit Amelia’s shop!

One Response to “Voo Doo that I do”

  1. leslie Says:

    Kylie… how very cool… a mini-you! I do needle-felting also and its a pretty time-consuming process so you really have a friend in Amelia! I must have her make me one so I can have a little mini-Kylie also!!!