More Me!

Well they went and did it again… Honestly, I think my family might have lost it. Look at the newest addition to the Kylie collection:



They’re Original Sock Dogs! Yes, I’ve been immortalized yet again! I have to admit, they’re pretty cute (but how could they not be? they look like me!)


They came with a tag and a card attached with a little story about me too. Click the image below and you can see a larger picture and read all about me.

sockdogtag.JPGThe artist behind, Stacey Hsu, put a story about me on her blog too! Which is really nice because she’s usually busy posting about really important things like homeless pets and trying to help them. We like her a lot! Check out her collection of available adoptees, that are all almost as adorable as me maybe you can get one too!

One Response to “More Me!”

  1. Auntie Lisa Says:

    Kylie..are you going to visit the sock puppet lady when you visit your Auntie Lisa in Washington?