I still got it

It’s been awhile since my television debut on “Tech TV” or graced the pages of “USA Today,” but apparently I’m still newsworthy.

I was just featured in “Boulder County Home and Garden Magazine“:


We met Kylie, a well-traveled dog with her own website (www.kyliedog.com) that features postcards, photos, games, a doggy diary and more.

When I found out about this I decided I should google myself and I found this from last July in the “Miami Sun Post” newspaper:

Meet Kylie, a globe-trotting Jack Russell Terrier who is also the purveyor of The Psychic Puppy Network. She goes by the name of the great Kylini and has amazing powers of perception and prediction (and in her spare time she is working on bending spoons with her mind). She will even answer your most perplexing questions about love, or money, or maybe even the location of long-lost squeak toys.

Nice to know I still got it! Not that I was worried.

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