New non-friends

Since arriving in the OC, while my family’s been out gallivanting at some place called “Disneyland,” that conveniently doesn’t allow dogs I’ve been subjected to meeting new “non-friends”!

This is Chewie & Scooter

they’re totally nuts!! Chewie’s the little brown guy and he’s ok I suppose, but that Scooter guy is so loud, and so silly, so I kinda had to have a go at him.

This is BooBoo, and somewhere I think I have a picture of his sister, Banana
they’re totally gigantic!! And when I thought they were trying to gang up on me, I kinda had to have a go at ’em.

Fortunately both these face-offs were just minor altercations, and nobody got seriously scrapped-up.

One Response to “New non-friends”

  1. Scooter Says:

    I can’t wait for our rematch!