God Bless Me!

I went to church today! It was the annual “Blessing of the Animals” for St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Animals and the Environment.


It was a beautiful day for a blessing on the hillside with the snow covered mountain peaks in the background. There were lots of people and dogs, and cats, and I saw one mouse, and even one horse!!I was very well-behaved during the ceremony and the prayer:
Gracious God, Thank you for blessing our lives with animals.
Tender of heart and pure in soul,
they touch us in so many ways.
Commitment, unconditional love, faith and forgiveness,
inherent traits never questioned nor compromised,
yet shared and bequeathed freely
upon any and all who offer them the same.
It is with animals that we are taught tolerance and diversity,
for their uniqueness serves to brighten our existence.
They are an incomparable gift from God,
one that we open and rediscover daily,
showing us how to make the world a little better,
and our society a bit more humane.
God, thank you for blessing our lives with animals.
For it is within these divine creatures that we rediscover
the true meanings of your teachings and infinite wisdom. Amen.


I got blessed by a Pastor, I got a St. Francis medal, then I got cookies! It was a religious experience.

One Response to “God Bless Me!”

  1. leslie Says:

    How beautiful! Wish I had been there to see this. I thank the lord every day for my doggies… wish you could meet them!