Cotti the copy cat

My cousin Cotti (by the way, that’s pronounced like Cody, but it’s one of those clever spellings like when your name is Candy but you spell it Khandee).. is always coming over and hanging around me, and trying to play with me, and basically annoying me, and now he’s even trying to be like me.

Last week, Cotti’s mom found a suspicious bump on his foot, and it even looked like the bad bump I had on MY foot. So we all got kind of concerned and Cotti went to see the doctor – he even went to MY doctor!
Dr. Monica, as usual did a great job and cut that sucker off and Cotti was up & around within two days! Lucky for him, his bump wasn’t on one of his little piggies like mine was, it was higher up where his dew claw toe was, so it won’t be as obvious as my surgery.

We’re still waiting for test results so please keep your fingers crossed for Cotti – but he seems perfectly fine to me (he’s just as annoying as ever)!


One Response to “Cotti the copy cat”

  1. leslie Says:

    I’m hopeing everything is okay with him… and Kylie… I wore your t-shirt to work yesterday… and have a lot of people who now want to see your website!!!