Going for a ride

I actually have my own driver’s license however I also have a very short attention span and I’m very easily distracted so my family says I am not a good driver. But that’s okay because I really prefer to be chauffeured so I’m free to be completely crazy in the car! Which brings me to the issue at hand…

We found this cool website, Dogs In Cars, that features nothing but pictures of.. you guessed it, dogs in cars!  

They encourage you to submit a picture of your dog riding in your car to be added to their collection! Naturally, I will be submitting a picture of myself but we are having trouble deciding (they request that you upload only one).

Here’s me being uncharacteristically well-behaved and very cute in the car…


Or here’s me acting like a maniac, as usual…


If you have an opinion about which picture is best we would love to hear it!

One Response to “Going for a ride”

  1. leslie Says:

    Kylie…my vote is for your “cute and well behaved” photo… but your maniac one is really cute!!!