a week in the life..

So I haven’t had anything to say all week… you wanna know why? I haven’t done anything interesting all week:

Sunday – hung around the house
Monday – went to work. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not really interesting
Tuesday – had a check up with Dr. Monica (all is well, by the way)
Wednesday – went to work
Thursday – stayed home while everybody went to see “Superman Returns” because it wasn’t on at the drive in. then they felt guilty so they came home and picked me up and we drove around and barked at stuff – that was fun!
Friday – went to work

..see, pretty boring huh! but now it’s a four-day-weekend, woohoo! Now maybe things will get more exciting around here. Or maybe not, we’re not going anywhere. We thought about driving to Canada. If you drive straight North for about 16 hours, apparently you’ll end up in Winnipeg! But we would pretty much just have time to buy a post card and drive back home, and I don’t have any Loonies!

Well, maybe we’ll at least go to the drive in. I’ll keep ya posted!
Have a good weekend!

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