Hey everybody, tomorrow is Take Your Dog To Work Day!

I hear that several thousand companies are expected to participate, up from a few hundred when the event began eight years ago. Also, workplace policies allowing dogs on the job are becoming more popular and surveys have shown that it lowers absenteeism, improves morale, and helps build bonds among workers. I know that’s what I do at the office when I go to work with my mom!

But get this… I’m not going to work tomorrow. In fact my family is going to work with a bunch of Cats!!

They’re participating in some dumb “Kitty Karnival” (cats can’t even spell), at a shelter to help a bunch of smelly cats get adopted or something, and also to promote their little pet portrait business, Pop Art Pet, which wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for me and the “inspiration” I provide.

Never mind the fact that I go to work at least twice a week, I went to work today, and the boss bought me a toy and some treats, and I’ll probably go to work on Monday and get more treats. The point is it’s “Take Your Dog To Work Day,” not Go To Work With Cats Day! grrrff!



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