The House of Kylie

I believe napping is an art form, but to be a true artist one needs to have the right tools. So I thought I would take you all on a tour of my many spots around the house where I do my best work..


This is my upstairs bed, as you can see it’s a little small for me.

windowup.jpg This is my upstairs window seat, from here I can survey the whole neighborhhod, or just nap in the sun, which is what I prefer.


This was my first bed, it’s cute but I’ve come a long way since then.

oldhouse.jpg This is a house inside the house, I used to nap in it now it pretty much just storage for toys.

kyhouse.jpg This is my signature house! Also being used for toy storage but also the platform for the cookie bar.

downbed.jpg This is my downstairs bed,

downbed2.jpg it’s convertable!


Ahh, my couch.. I love my couch!

chair.jpg I have my own papasan chair.

windowd.jpg I have a window seat downstairs too.

windowd2.jpg Was that a rabbit?!


Last but not least, my newest piece of furniture, my outdoor bed, when I need some fresh air!

Oh yeah, I also keep my cabana bed at the office. office 4

You may think this is more furniture than one dog needs…
but, you’d be wrong!

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