doggie door dilema

I have a doggie door to go out to my outdoor space – it’s too small to call it a yard but it’s big enough for me to go out and bark when i feel like it (which is often), and go out and lay in the sun on the patio like a lizzard on a rock. Most importantly it gives me the freedom to take care of business when I need to and not wait for somebody to come along and volunteer to take me out on a leash. patio

Well the other evening my mom was cleaning up outside and she closed the screen door which effectively blocks access to my doggie door. Then my mom, absent-minded as she can be, left the screen door closed.. for the next 16 hours!! Finally after lots of tap dancing at the door somebody let me outside – and I peed for like 15 minutes! hmmph! Humans are so unreliable! Fortunately, they are also easy to manipulate and make feel guilty cause I did get a big snack after the whole doggie door dilema!

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