all work and some play

Did I mention I have a job? I have to go to the office at least twice a week – okay so it’s a part time job but still it can be very demanding.

office space

It started when my mom’s boss asked to meet the cute little dog in the pictures on her desk. So I got to go as a sort of show-and-tell object, but of course her boss was immediately smitten with me. After that first visit he said that I should come and visit maybe a couple times a month. By the second visit he said once a week would be fine. Then soon it was twice a week, and it could be more if I wanted.
I like it because I get paid in treats – the boss man is very generous! Plus we take breaks and go outside where there’s a nice lawn and sometimes bunnies, and one time canadian geese, and a couple weeks ago I chased a squirrel up this tree!


They always return to the scene of the crime, so I keep looking for him.
Then after I get a little taste of everybody’s lunch because I’m so cute they just can’t resist (don’t worry, it’s a very small office), I settle in for my afternoon duties.


office 4


Hey, it’s hard work being adored around here!

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    […] Oh yeah, I also keep my cabana bed at the office. […]

  2. The Life of Kylie» Archivio Blog » TYDTWD Says:

    […] Never mind the fact that I go to work at least twice a week, I went to work today, and the boss bought me a toy and some treats, and I’ll probably go to work on Monday and get more treats. The point is it’s “Take Your Dog To Work Day,” not Go To Work With Cats Day! grrrff! […]