Be kind to Kylie

Last week was “be kind to animals week,” but you know what they did to me? Well they spotted a suspicious bump on my eyelid, and especially since the “toe incident” no bump shall be left un-poked! So I went to see Dr. Monica, the greatest vet ever, and she literally poked me in the eyelid! She got some gunk out and looked at it in a microscope and said it doesn’t look like anything to worry about, probably just a mildly infected hair follicle. So now three times a day we have to put a warm compress on my eye for a couple minutes, then put some goop on it. Tomorrow I have to go back to Dr. Monica for a re-check.

Here’s the bright side and why Monica is the greatest vet ever.. everytime I go see her I get a whole jar of babyfood!! And sometimes she even sticks an extra jar in my mom’s purse. This started when I went for acupuncture a couple years ago. I had hurt my shoulder playing outside and couldn’t shake the limp, so they decided that sticking a bunch of needles in me would fix me. I was skeptical. But it worked! I had one session a week for four weeks, and after the second one, no more limping! And what was even weirder, it didn’t hurt at all. Then when I was done, I got babyfood – yumm! I highly recommend it – acupuncture AND babyfood!

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