I love weekends

We did go to the drive in this weekend. The only movie I paid attention to was Ice Age 2, The Meltdown – I can really relate to that Scrat fellow! And while he was, as usual, trying to get a nut, I was getting little bitty bites of chicken fries from B.K. At some point, I gave them a very low rating in my drive-thru reviews, but I have to say, those chicken fries are deelicious! Then towards the end of the second movie, which I can’t remember at all, I got a couple bites of corn dog; oh, and in the middle I got a few of my traditional movie snacks by three dog bakery. Other than that I slept a lot, because it was cold! And we were on the side with the bats not the cats (yes there are bats) but it’s still too cold for bats. It may be still too cold for the drive in, but we like to battle the elements! Anyway, as usual it was a good time.

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