Prairie Dog Town

I made an exciting new discovery today. We went for a walk in my new neighborhood, where I have seen no bunnies and no ground hogs. In fact I have only seen one squirrel, a couple of cats (domestic ones) and lots of birds, nothing exciting. But today we went further down the trail that runs behind my neighborhood than we ever have before. I started to hear this familiar squeaking sound.. “squeak, squeak, squeak.” It sounded exactly like my toys at home. I looked around and not three feet away was a this little furry head peeking out of a big hole.. “squeak, squeak, squeak.” He was making that noise right at me! Who is this little punk? I took one step in his direction and he disappeared down the hole. I sniffed, and sniffed, but mom wouldn’t let me stick my head in there. Then I heard more squeaking, and it was coming from everywhere! So then I took a really good look around.. Prairie Dogs! Hundreds of them! It was a virtual Town full of Prairie Dogs! Running from mound to mound, standing up and looking at me, wagging their stupid stubby little tails, and squeak, squeak, squeaking at me. My mom said they were warning each other to look out for me. Which is pretty smart of them since I could have them for breakfast if it wasn’t for that darn leash. She didn’t let me stay long, but I told them.. I’ll be back!

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