Have you seen this ball?

I have a problem. My favorite toy, my squeaky ball, is on its last leg, and worse it is my last ball. You see, I first got my ball probably five years ago. It is nothing fancy, just a softball-sized, four-colored plush ball that squeaks loudly in pain whenever I attack. I can’t explain why it’s my favorite – it just is. I make sure I know where it is at all times, and it travels with me. I kept it in one piece for a really long time, so when I finally started to dismantle it, my family bought me a new one. They didn’t try and fool me or anything, there was just a transitional period in which I kept the remains of the original around and got used to the new one. Over the next couple of years this happened a few times. But I guess they had trouble finding the same ball. Last time they found them they bought up the entire stock, four balls. I’ve been on the last one for a very long time, when recently I just decided the time was right. I’d been working at a split in one of the seams for a while, my mom tried to talk me out of it, but once I got a taste I had to go for it. Out came all the stuffing. Later, my mom put all the stuffing back in, and I took it all back out! This went on for a couple of days. Currently the ball is stuffed with another ball, but this just isn’t the same, and we have been unable to procure the same kind of ball, I fear it is now out of production. But we are not giving up easily, we have launched an all out search, we will scour the furthest reaches of the internet. Actually, we just posted a message on Jack Russells On-line to see if anybody can find one anywhere. If anybody can track it down, it’s those nuts, (and I mean that affectionately), so I’m hope we have some luck.
Here is a picture of the ball in question:
ball (6k image)

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