Can rabbits do long division?

Yesterday I went out bunny hunting for the first time in awhile and noticed something strange. The bunnies I saw were all smaller than before, not to mention a whole lot faster. I wondered if they have some sort of Summer slim-down program. I imagine the Richard Simmons of rabbits leading them all in aerobics. But my mom explained that rabbits “multiply” (They don’t seem all that bright to me, how do they learn to do math?), so these are probably new bunnies, not the same ones I was chasing a couple months ago.
bunny X bunny = bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny
Personally, I think my reputation got around and all the local long-eared vermin realized they better get their tails in shape or they’d be in big trouble.

Today I went shopping for Doggles . Goggles for dogs, which I desperately need for riding in the car, they protect your eyes from wind and debris and provide 100% UV protection. They’re all the rage among cool dogs and trend-setters such as myself, which is why I wasn’t able to find them anywhere. I guess I’ll just have to keep shopping – fortunately I don’t mind.

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