The Dog Days of Summer

Okay, so I haven’t entered anything in my diary for a very long time. Now that I have a career, I have learned how difficult it is to find a spare moment for ones self to reflect. Or perhaps, I just haven’t felt like sharing lately. So now to catch up� as I mentioned, I am quite the working girl, putting in 2 or 3 days a week as assistant store meeter and greeter and sales representative at Paw Prints. That, along with doing my part to prevent forest fires and conserve water here in Colorado, has kept me quite busy so far this summer.
sunny Summer just isn’t that much fun for me. It’s been too hot to go on one of my famous adventures, and the bunnies are scarce in this heat so I haven’t done much hunting either. I don’t know why they’re called “the dog days of summer,” unless it’s because dogs are the only ones smart enough to know what summer is for – keeping cool like me!

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