Kylie Trivia
The contest is over and the Grand Prize winner is Joanna and her pup Kelcie!!
The first person to answer the bonus question correctly was Sandy! She wins a Psychic Puppy Magnet.
Thanks to all that entered my contest, you are all great fans and your adoration is appreciated!
I have posted the correct answers to the questions below, for those of you who were curious to know. Please stay tuned to this page to find out what the next contest will be.

You have visited my page to read my stories and play my games. You've seen my pictures and heard my opinions, but how well do you really know me?

1. What TV Channel am I NOT supposed to watch? MTV
2. Who is my favorite NHL player? Martin Brodeur
3. What is my favorite restaurant? Taco Bell
4. Name 3 states I have visited. Possible answers Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York or New Jersey
5. Who did I have to "mess-up" because he looked at me the wrong way? The Squeaky Platypus
6. What month is my birthday in? April (this is found on the Bio-rhythm page)
7. What was the first award my web site received? Zookeepers Pet Site Award
8. What is my goal in life? To be the next goalie for the New Jersey Devils (we accepted Food critic since I am a dog of many goals!)
9. What is my favorite "house rule"? If it hits the floor, it's mine, edible or not.
10. What vermin is my greatest enemy? Squirrels
11. Where did my family find me? (be specific) The Hawaiian Humane Society
12. What oracle do I have that can help you? Magic Dog Biscuit
13. What does my family think makes terriers mean and more determined? Tobasco Sauce
14. Who is the greatest dog in the world? Me of course!!
BONUS (This is a bonus question, it will separate the hardcore Kylie fan from causal admirers.)How much allowance did I get before I got a raise to $7.00? $5.00 (I am currently in negotiations for another raise)

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