Don’t tell Santa

December 1st, 2007



This will definitely get me on the NAUGHTY list…

Thankful for Non-Friends

November 24th, 2007

Thanksgiving was a very busy time for me. First Min was here,


looking for trouble – as usual.

Then we went to Boulder to the house of Ferdinand


& Fiona.


They’re both a little crazy so I can’t get a moment’s rest around the two of them.


Ok, once the tryptophan kicked in after my turkey dinner, I did get some rest. But not really.. have you ever tried sharing the sofa with a great dane??


November 20th, 2007



Me and My Pal Pinky

November 17th, 2007


The Queen Needs Her Rest

November 13th, 2007

So I won the photo contest – thank you very much to all of you who voted for me, Her Highness!


Since then, I’ve just been relaxing with my royal subjects.

Who says Halloween is over?

November 4th, 2007


I say it’s still a good time for Tricks & Treats!

Check out the pictures of me in costume at the other Halloween party I went to – just CLICK HERE.

Photos by Nicole Howard Photography.

PS: There’s still time to vote for my photo in the Halloween Costume Photo Contest!

It’s a contest!

November 2nd, 2007

I had no idea when I posed for a picture in my Halloween costume at the Halloween party at CRCG, where I go swimming that it was going to be for a contest…

Now I have to campaign!!


If you’d like to vote for me, please click here, then you can either use the form on their website or send them an email with your three favorites.

Trick or Treat

October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween from The Queen of Cool!!



How do you like my costume??

ps: more pics from my Halloween shenanigans coming soon!

Where’d the snow go?

October 26th, 2007

As usual in Denver, the snow didn’t stay more than a day or two. So when it warmed up again we took advantage of the opportunity to go out and off the beaten path a bit.


I really love snow but at least this way I don’t have to wear clothes!

{editor’s note: It has been pointed out to me that in this picture Kylie is actually ON the beaten path, but I assure you at some point she was off of it.}

First Snow

October 22nd, 2007


Celebrating the first snow.. woo hoo!!