Finding Kylie
August 20, 2008 main

Over the weekend we went to Echo & Wile E.’s place just to hang out, and I was having a great time in their backyard. Who cares that it was after dark and it had been raining off and on all day – you know how I love a good backyard! Mom would come out and check on me periodically and play with me for a bit, and then encourage me to come in, but I was having too much fun exploring.

>>Kylie’s editor and mom here, I need to tell the rest of the story because Kylie’s version is slightly convoluted. She was having such a good time exploring in the backyard we left her to it. The back door was open and she had come in a couple of times to see what we were up to in the house but clearly found it boring so she would go back outside.

Then somebody came in and said, “where’s Kylie?” To which I replied “in the backyard.” But they said, “no she isn’t.” And she wasn’t, we checked, and re-checked. Then we checked all over the house and couldn’t find her anywhere. After five or ten minutes we were getting really quite concerned. We had begun to wonder if Kylie could have managed to sneak past us and out the front door which had been open for a while, but it seemed really unlikely. But we all headed out front to start searching. There were six of us searching for one little white dog in the dark, whose hearing is not what it used to be.

Talk about panic!! It’s the internal panic that you have to suppress in order to focus on the task at hand.. finding Kylie!! Which we did! She was about four houses down the street and seemed a little disoriented herself, like she had at some point realized… holy crap, I don’t know where I am. In the meantime we experienced 20 minutes of terror that probably took years off our lives. I scooped her up, squeezed her, told her she was grounded, and put her in the car where she promptly fell asleep.

After we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and relax, we wondered what somebody would think if they found this little, well-fed, dog wearing her rhinestone-studded, DIVA collar roaming the streets?… And why isn’t there an Amber alert for dogs? By the way, Kylie is not micro-chipped because (a) she’s virtually never out of our sight, and (b) they have found that the injection process for the chips has caused cancer in a small number of cases, and we try not to put our little three-toed, cancer survivor at risk. We are however now looking into the GPS you can put on your dog’s collar!

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  1. Don’t I know that panicked feeling heart in the throat… when Mac went missing I can still feel the terror… so glad your back with your mom… whew!

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