My Big Backyard
May 19, 2008 main

No.. we didn’t move to another planet, just across town actually, but it’s been NUTS! Sorry my mom sucks so much and hasn’t posted anything in my blog! I hope nobody formed a search party!

Basically I spent my birthday living it up – shopping (got a seriously sassy collar), eating cake, and hanging out with Min in her new back yard.

Then there was the move.. what a pain in the tail!

We’re just now finally starting to get back to normal around here, but now “normal” includes a big backyard for me!

I even have backyard toys (and LOTS of weeds, but we’re working on that)!

I go in and out through my new doggie door (which Min just can’t seem to figure out),

and in and out, and in and out.. I sniff around and poke around, investigate, sniff some more, it’s great!!

So, sorry if you all were worried, but now you know where I’ll be!

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