At the drive in

I’m finally sharing a night at the drive in with you in pictures!

drivein2.JPG   ..loaded up and ready to go!

drivein5.JPG   Wow! it’s pretty crowded.

drivein3.JPG   This looks like a good spot.

drivein6.JPG   Time to start the show!

The movies we saw, “Click,” and “The Breakup” were pretty crappy, however I got some corn dog and some popcorn! Oh, and there were cats everywhere! Which is way more exciting than Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn put together, so I was very entertained!

Then tonight, because my mom felt bad that I didn’t get to go see “Superman Returns,” (or maybe she just wanted an excuse to see that cute boy in tights again), we went to a totally different drive in where it was playing! The only cats there were on the screen though, during “Garfield, a tale of two kitties,” which I actually watched most of. And the first hour of Superman was really good, then I fell asleep, oh but not before I got some pizza!

I love the drive in!


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