happy hour
May 15, 2006 main

I thought I would share my favorite time of the day with you… Dinner Time!


Breakfast time is a good time too, but it’s pretty simple. I get a little liquid glucosomine with my dry food which is some kinda all-natural, no preservatives, kibble made from all kinds of veggies and hormone-free chicken. It’s pretty tasty.
But dinner is special! Mom mixes up some of this dehydrated food that has chicken & veggies & all kinds of good stuff that’s good for me with some hot water. But then I have to wait for the longest 10 minutes of the day to eat it. She sets a timer, and I try to be patient, but once that bell rings I put Pavlov’s dogs to shame. I start doing the happy dance and making lots of noise in case they didn’t hear the bell. Then mom adds some stuff, usually a little of my dry food, but sometimes rice or sometimes if they have chicken or turkey for dinner I get that – that’s the best!
So, if you’re bored with your food tell your people to get you some “Honest Kitchen.” It’s deeeelicious!

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