A change of seasons

Well it’s finally getting cooler, the leaves are falling off the trees, and the squirrels are getting fatter… it must finally be time for autumn. I bet inquiring minds want to know what I did all summer!
Well the answer is – almost nothing! After my trip to New Mexico, it was just too darn hot in Colorado this summer, and I don’t like hot weather, so I watched the world from my air conditioned window.
I did have a visitor. Joanna, my godmother, came and stayed for a week and we had a GREAT time! I showed her around all my favorite places.
Oh yeah, I also tried something new – acupuncture! Check me out lookin’ like a pin cushion
accu (45k image)
Yes, I’m very zen, totally feng shui and completely in touch with my chi.
I went once a week for a month and it made me feel great! My Dr. Monica is the best!
And now it’s finally fall, so my walks are getting longer and Martin Brodeur is back on the ice – Go Devils!
And even better, Joanna is coming to visit again! It will be nothing but petting and shopping and treats! She really understands me and knows how I deserve to be treated.

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