The thrill of victory!

Martin Brodeur, my hero, has done it again! He has won the Stanley Cup for the Devils! Well the rest of them helped too. And I was never worried about that “Giggy” fellow – impressed, but not worried!
Now there’s nothing to watch this summer except the squirrels who have decided to frequent the tree right outside my living room window. They sit there and they taunt me, those over-rated rats with bushy tails!
Oh and I’m also responsible for maintaining the caches that Team Kyliedog has planted for There are three hidden withing 1.5 miles of my house for people to find and trade items. I have to visit regularly to make sure people are playing by the rules, and keeping them well hidden. It’s a big responsibility. But it’s gotten too hot here to do much caching ourselves, so this is how Team Kyliedog is staying in the game!
Speaking of staying in the game, I’m sorry I haven’t been doing more entries in my diary, but..
well what can I say? I’m a busy little dog with a short little attention span. But stay tuned!

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