My new friend, Min

I have a new friend, Min. Keep in mind that my definition of “friend” is different than most. I find most other dogs to be just plain impolite (the communicator confirmed this, by the way). I would never just run up and put my nose in your face – let alone some place else, as most dogs will do. How rude! So the only dogs I really get along with are those who, like me, realize such behaviour is just unbecoming and completely ignore me. Min and I ignore each other pretty well, we have an understanding. It was solidified when she bit my ear. But no hard feelings, we are dogs afterall.
It’s a good thing that we get along because our families like to go geocaching together. They’re Team Min Dawg, we are of course Team Kyliedog. Check us out on the trail! Aren’t we cute? I mean cool?

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