Public Humiliation

Self dog washes are very popular here in Colorado. I guess people with big dogs don’t have room to give them a bath at home and don’t want to have to pay expensive groomers all the time. So who suffers?.. the dogs of course, as usual! My personal experience with public bathing was particularly upsetting. As far as I knew we were just going to visit our friends Dan and Jef who own Wag ‘n’ Wash in Colorado Springs, which was cool with me since they have a bakery for pets on premises, and by the way, the puppy raviolis are excellent! But that’s beside the point because later I was ambushed and subjected to utter humiliation. Here’s the proof:
bath1 (9k image)“Somebody, please get me outta here.”
bath2 (9k image)
and the dryer was even worse!bath3 (9k image)
Seriously people, this borders on animal cruelty – but please don’t send my family any threatening e-mails or report them to the Humane Society, they mean well.

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