Carpe Diem

Let me start by saying this.. subtlety has never been my strong suit, and hey life is short, why not let everyone know what you want and when you want it. Having said that, let me tell you about my new bed, the most comfortable spot on the planet. As a professional napper, I know comfort! I already had about half a dozen beds just for me: including a collapsible cabana bed, a big pocket bed made of two full size pillows and a super soft baby blanket, and a custom made painted bed with my name on it, oh yeah and that one is heated. But this new one, the mother of all beds, is possibly my greatest acquisition to date. I spotted it while on a business trip to Colorado Springs for the grand opening of Wag n’ Wash’s new retail store. The owners, Dan & Jeff are new friends of mine and they threw a great party. Lots of free fresh baked snacks and even a free session with a pet massage therapist. Then while I was shopping around I spotted the bed – big, beautiful and oh so puffy. So my next move was obvious. I hopped up on the bed, fortunately it was on the bottom shelf, and started making myself at home. People watching were fawning over me, “Oh, look how cute she is, she’s going to take a nap.” But they soon realized I had a different agenda entirely, “Uh oh, she’s peeing!” My mortified mother picked me up quickly but it was too late, I had already made my mark, claimed my territory. You see, I knew no amount of begging was going to get me that bed and I wanted it. My family instantly began apologizing and of course offered to buy the bed, which I knew they would. Dan told them that it was unnecessary, this worried me for a minute. But they explained that I would be paying for the bed out of my own money because that’s what my allowance had originally was established for. Okay, I hadn’t considered I would be paying for it myself, but I didn’t care it was worth it. Besides, I got a discount since it was damaged and all. My family spent the day trying to analyze this unprecedented behavior, while Dan suggested that Jeff hold me over other things I might want. Everybody else got it.. I did not bigbed (25k image) have an accident, and I was not misbehaving. I was shopping! But in case you’re wondering why I couldn’t just let my mom know I wanted her to buy the bed, it wasnt just because it was too expensive, even though it was originally about $110, there was another issue. Here’s a picture that explains:

(maybe you can’t tell from this picture but it’s a little huge.)
So you see, you have to let people know what you want. Carpe Diem (or should I say Carpe Pee-em)! That’s what I did and now I finally have a bed worthy of me.

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