Happy Birthday To Me !

Finally! It’s my BIRTHDAY! But I’ve been partying since Saturday. My friend Dragen had a party for me on Saturday. Now that I think about it, his birthday was last week and the huge cake had HIS name on it.. Still, I’m pretty sure that all those people and other dogs were there in my honor. It was fun, even though I spent part of the day in my back pack because I started trouble with this one dog, but he had it coming. backpack (12k image)
At the end of the party, Dragen’s mom, gave me MY present – My own Birthday Cake! It is made with chicken and garlic and (fat free) cream cheese frosting. It is the yummiest thing on heaven and earth! I have had some every day since Sunday
cake (3k image) Today I slept late, then went to the store, and spent my Birthday money on treats. Then we went to McDonald’s because I always have a happy meal on my Birthday. That was yummy too, and I got a Hot Wheels tow truck as my free toy.
happy (3k image) Later I went for a long walk at the soccer park, followed by a much needed nap. Finally it was time for presents! Here’s me with my loot.
loot (16k image) A giant warthog, a bubble blower with bacon scented bubbles, some grrRibs, and other misc. treats and toys. Not bad! But boy, am I tired. And tomorrow I’m going to Boulder to go shopping at Colorado Canines, as Birthday Week festivities continue. Glad you got to share it with me!

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