Alien Invasion

I had to go to the vet, again this week. I was just there for my yearly check-up and the doctor pronounced me to be in excellent health. Personally I think that should be worthy of a cash prize after all the poking and prodding I put up with. Then a few days later there’s some sort of alien invasion taking place in my ear! This has happened to before actually, always my left ear. It gets itchy and sore and I have to go to the doctor, then my mom has to put medicine in it for a week. Let me tell you, it’s not just a pain in the ear if you know what I mean! This time my mom and my vet decided to try something more progressive – I had acupuncture! I had little tiny needles in my ear and in my foot, and it didn’t even hurt! And this time instead of medicine we’re using an herbal treatment. My mom is on this all-natural, healthy kick with me. So hopefully no more ear aliens!
Hey, I bet the Easter Bunny gets BIG ear problems! bunny

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